Which carp rods are best?

Carp fishing has become increasingly popular over the past decade and it’s now the most popular form of Angling in the UK. With the Carp growing to specimen proportions and inhabiting most lakes, rivers and canal’s they can be targeted and caught almost anywhere by anyone. Throughout most of the year they are eager to feed, with the only exception being in the depths of winter, they will snaffle most bait presented in front of them and can be quite greedy fish, often feeding in groups. They are predominantly known as bottom feeders and they grub around on the bottom in the silt and mud, using there sensitive barbules to detect food. However in the warmer spring and summer months they are not shy and can be caught in the upper layers of the water and even off the surface.

As these fish grow to specimen size 20lb+, with the record standing at well over 60lb targeting and catching these hard fighting fish requires suitable, well balanced tackle, especially if you want to target the real specimens. The larger Carp tend to be older and wiser, and more thinking and tackle finesse is required. Below is a small buying guide on the tackle we recommend to target these popular fish.


As carp are natural bottom feeders, baits need to be anchored hard on the lake or river bed, this requires using a lead or feeder to do so and it often, not in all cases needs to be cast quite a distance, this in turn means that a powerful rod is required.

Carp rods start from around £30-£50 with rods like the, Daiwa Black Widow carp rod and Wychwood Signature Carp Rod, these rods are the ideal starting point for the angler looking to take up Carp fishing.

All these rods are very similar in there specification, all manufactured from Carbon with test curves of 2.5lb, 2.75lb and 3lb and all 12ft in length. The rod we would recommend in this price range is the Daiwa Black Widow Carp Rod, with a medium fast to progressive action, ultra low friction Aluminium Oxide guides, low profile soft touch grips and a Half hood FPS reel seat this rod not only feels the part but also looks the part. Out of the three test curves available a good starting point would be the 2.75lb test curve, weighing in at 11.4oz, this will cast leads and feeders to 4oz in weight, handle reel lines between 6-18lb and when used with good balanced tackle send a bait to around a 110 yards

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