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Wychwood A101 Carp Rods

Wychwood A101 Carp Rods

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The ever-popular Wychwood A101 Carp Rods receive new additions to the range to expand the number of handle options available. With the introduction of the 'A' versions of our best-selling entry-level rods the range now comprises full length shrink wrap.
The same high quality finish as the existing '101 rods is present and there's an extensive range of test curves is available in the A-101 - 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb - with all rods measuring in at 12ft. The latter three test curves all feature a 50mm butt guide.
Since the launch of the original cork handles, the 101-series has grown to become one of our biggest selling ranges of rods, thanks to blanks that punch well above their weight, and subtle looks that bely their entry-level price tag of just £59.99.
The Wychwood A101 Carp Rods is comparable to their cork and duplon counter parts, the A-101 rods are the dark horse in our range, with classic looks and feel, underneath lies a beast.
With distances up to 197 yards achieved in testing, these rods pack a punch when you need it.

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12 2.75lb 40mm, 12 3.0lb 50mm, 12 3.25lb 50mm, 12 3.5lb 50mm