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Waverunner Sport Bait Boat

Waverunner Sport Bait Boat


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Product Description

Waverunner Sport Bait Boat has a maximum bait capacity of just over 2kg this bait boat allows you to deliver large amounts of bait with accuracy and ease. You can also place your rig and hookbait in the hopper with your bait boat, allowing you to drop your freebies and your rig in exactly the same spot. This practically guarantees a perfect presentation! The importance of delivering your bait and hookbait to your marker with minimal water disturbance cannot be overstated, either. By using the Waverunner Sport bait boat to get your bait and hook directly to the fish without disturbing them you are significantly increasing your chance of a big catch. Spods are useful for getting small amounts of bait to one spot, but repeated spodding can cause huge disturbances that scare away nervous or wily fish. By using a bait boat with a super silent engine, such as the Waverunner Sport bait boat, you can get all the bait you need to the perfect spot in one quick and quiet go.
Two large and bright headlamps make this bait boat ideal for low-light and night time baiting. Perfect for getting your rig back out there after a midnight take, the bait boat is also fitted with hopper-activation lights that let you know when the hopper doors have been opened. Like all Waverunner bait boats, the Sport is fitted with fail-safe anti-loss technology. This means that if you drive the bait boat out of its 500m range (weather and water dependent) then one of the motors switches off, turning the boat 180 degrees and driving it back until it reaches the handset signal. You never have to worry about loosing your bait boat ever again!

Key Features
Removable magnetic access cover for easy maintenance
Jet drive style weed guards
Maximum Bait Capacity: 2.1KGS
Built-in failsafe mechanism so you will never lose your boat
Range: 500 + /- meters (dependent on weather and environmental conditions)
Running time (at max speed): 1.5+ hours
Supplied with lithium batteries
Boat Dimension (L*W*H): 47cm*31cm*25cm
(Not including the height of antenna)
Net Weight (including batteries): 5.6KGS
Patented hook release system
2.4GHz Digital radio system
Propulsion 2 x maintenance-free propellers
Hopper measures 25.5cm x 9cm