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Trakker Levelite Compact Chair

Trakker Levelite Compact Chair

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Product Description


The Trakker Levelite Compact Chair takes inspiration from our range of Levelite Beds to offer unrivalled comfort and support in a smart, lightweight design.

Featuring an easy-to-use folding mechanism, the Levelite Compact Chair features ergonomic padding, clips to hold the chair closed in transit, and loops for attaching a carry-strap. When folded, the chair is compact enough to be slid out of the way beneath a bedchair when not required, and fits comfortably on top of a bed chair when loaded onto a barrow.

The Levelite Compact Chair also features the unique patented leg mechanism which can be found on our Levelite Beds – simply push the button and the adjustable leg simply drops into position.

Product Features
Compact, strong and lightweight aluminium chair
Ergonomically designed chair padding for optimum comfort
Fits easily on your barrow or under your bedchair
Super-quick to use; simply unclip and unfold
Unique patented leg mechanism – push the button and it drops in to position
Clips to hold chair closed in transit

Technical Specification
Technical Specifications.
Material: Aluminium/stainless steel frame
Weight: 5.1kg

Dimensions: H64cm x W60cm (open); L80cm x W60cm (closed)
Seat Height: Approx. 27cm - 34cm
Back height: 62cm
Back width: 51cm
Seat width:51cm
Seat length:64cm


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