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Rive R Roller 800XXL

Rive R Roller 800XXL

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Product Description

If you are in the market for two pole rollers look no further than the Rive R Roller 800XXL Pole Roller ideal for all types of banks.
The Rive R Roller 800XXL is supported by four folding and telescopic legs. These can be extended between 610mm and 1410mm. this ensures that you have a huge range of versatility to ensure that you can create a completely stable base for you rollers. No matter how uneven or unreliable the terrain is, you can be confident that your pole rollers won’t let you down. These legs also provide a wide base, ensuring that this is one of the sturdiest pole roller systems available. The feet of this roller have been modified and finish in spikes. This allows you to press this pole roller into the ground for additional structural support, ensuring that you’ll be able to fish effectively with this roller system. However, you don’t have to use this pole roller fully erect to enjoy its effectiveness. In fact, this pole roller is completely operable when fully collapsed. This is thanks to the two small spikes at the base of the roller. These elevate it slightly and allow you to secure it in the ground, enabling the rollers to move freely. This Rive R Roller can be folded completely into a compact package for storage or transportation. It comes supplied in its own protective carry bag.
Key Features
Adapts to all situations thanks to its dual telescopic feet
It can be used as a "flat" profile
Particularly well treated feet / spikes integrated
Highly effective pole roller for all match anglers
Double Roller system
Allows you to disengage the two strands independently
This helps you to gain speed when fishing
2 small folding rollers are reinforced
Foam protects your rod or pole from any impact
Double telescopic legs
Minimum Height: 610mm
Maximum Height: 1410mmceptionally easy.