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Nash Logix Deluxe Brew Kit Bag

Nash Logix Deluxe Brew Kit Bag

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Product Description

The Nash Logix Deluxe Brew Kit Bag  also enables you to store your gas canister inside the bag, in an insulated compartment, to ensure that, no matter how cold the conditions are when you’re setting up, your gas is flowing freely, guaranteeing you a fast heating time for your stove, and a shorter wait to get your hands around that warm mug of bankside pleasure.

The Nash Logix Deluxe Brew Kit Bag has a gas canister compartment has its own exit zip, so you can keep canister and gas line warm, simply running the line through the exit zip to your stove. The brew kit bag itself is stylishly presented, and finished with suede carry handles.

Key Features
Hardwearing base
Stiffened sides
Neat tray top design
Doubles as a coffee table
Three-sided zips
Four compartment internal storage
Room for a kettle, mugs, stove, pots, etc.
One insulated compartment
Dedicated canister pocket with exit zip
Gas bottles will remain insulated and inside the bag
Finished with twin suede carry handles
Dimensions: 22cm (h) x 29cm (w) x 18cm (d)