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MAP ‘H-30 Comp’

MAP ‘H-30 Comp’

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Product Description

Broken down into two distinctive frame styles, the ‘H-Series’ offers a more traditional solution in two layouts. The ‘H-30 Comp’ has the addition of a deep base unit offering increased storage space

All the range feature ultra durable 30mm round legs, all of which are telescopic and feature threaded tops to allow attachment of accessories. They work perfectly in conjunction with our unique 180° Multi Lock system to not only solidly lock your legs in place but you can position your locking knob wherever you want to reduce any risk of snagging round it whilst in use and minimising the storage space needed in the car or at walk where you want to be keeping tackle to a minimum.

All the draw units feature weather seals meaning that even in the most intense conditions, you won’t end up with rigs and tackle being ruined due to water ingress. The units themselves have been strengthened to ensure you can smoothly open draws without any jamming or snagging. It’s also worth mentioning the same units are used across the range and are available separately so you can really customise your box to suit you!



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