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MAP 2.5m Compact Slider Keepnet

MAP 2.5m Compact Slider Keepnet

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Product Description

The MAP 2.5m Compact Slider Keepnet has a unique sliding tilt fitting, this keepnet is ideal for keen match anglers fishing commercial venues with limits on the weight of fish you can hold in a keepnet, allowing you to use the keepnet either in its traditional form, or as a compact net fitted to a keepnet bar.

This versatility makes the Slider keepnet a superior choice to others on the market, and the best option for the professional or semi-professional match angler.

Reinforced pull-through bottom rings make this keepnet easy to use, and practical for collapsing down to store in a stinkbag.

At 2.5m, and 50 x 40cm, this keepnet is fitted with fish-friendly black mesh throughout, which helps fish stay calm and relaxed.

Ideal for small carp and F1s, this is the perfect choice for the keen match angler.

Key Features
Unique sliding tilt fitting
Can be used as a compact or traditional keepnet
Black carp mesh
Length 2.5m
Reinforced bottom rings
Pull through bottom rings
Easy storage in stink bags
Top ring size 50cm x 40cm