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Korda New Tackle Box & Accessories

Korda New Tackle Box & Accessories


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Product Description

Korda New Tackle Box & Accessories are there to help you to be well organised on the bank, which will definitely help you to catch more fish, as not only will know that you have everything with you, but you’ll be able to find it quickly when you need to, and that is where the new Tackle Box comes into its own!


In carp fishing, when an opportunity presents itself often you will need to take advantage of it quickly – such as finding fish feeding in the margins; or cruising around and looking up for a floater or zig for instance – and the chance will be often be gone if you have to empty your rucksack, or even car, looking for the items of tackle that you need for the situation.

The Korda New Tackle Box & Accessories are designed to be a complete storage system that allows you to keep the maximum amount of terminal tackle, but with the minimum footprint possible – it will fit neatly into the new Compac 220 EVA luggage, or straight into your rucksack or carryall.

It isn’t intended to replace the existing Tackle Safe, but is meant as an alternative option for those looking to take more end tackle with them – such as longer sessions in the UK, trips abroad, any situation where you might end up fishing a few different methods during the same outing, or for anyone who simply just prefers keeping everything in an actual tackle box

There are four Mini Compartment Boxes in the range, which will be sold separately and feature six, eight, nine and sixteen compartment options. These are great for storing smaller items and fit perfectly into the Tackle Box, with a curved base ensuring that you can easily take them out when you need to. A translucent lid helps you to identify the contents, and a magnetic closure prevents any spillages.

The new Leader Safe comes in two sizes, and is also designed to fit in the Tackle Box, and it is the perfect storage system for your leaders, and will accommodate lead clips and Heli-Safe Systems, with the large version also having recesses for the beads and sleeves found on helicopter leaders. It can also be used on its own and features a removable sleeve that can be easily fitted to protect your leaders.

The Tackle Boxes retails at £39.99, and is available from all Korda stockists. Mini Compartment Boxes come in at £6.99 for the smaller two sizes, £7.99 for nine compartments, and £8.99 for the 16 compartment version. The Leader Safe costs £5.99 for the small one, and £7.99 for the large.


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