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Delkim TXI-D Bite Alarm Digital

Delkim TXI-D Bite Alarm Digital


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The  Delkim TXI-D Digital Bite Alarm interface has been redesigned, the alarms now feature just two adjustment wheels, volume and response, allowing you to set the response level of your Delkim set up. The sensitivity and tone adjustment wheels are gone in what is now a streamlined setup. The reason for this is the aforementioned Digital Signal Processing (DSP). DSP allows you to customise beep speed, beep speed does not affect the response of the alarm, liners will still register but the pace of the beeps is slower which allows you to get a greater understanding of what is happening beneath the surface and prevents the TXI-D from warbling at the smallest of indications. One of the greatest advantages of this new DSP system is when you’re fishing a big pit with wave movement, you are now able to turn the beep speed down, meaning if a wave knock were to register on your alarm, it would just be the one single beep, allowing you to identify it as a knock, the beep speed relationship will paint a more informed picture of what is going on at the business end of your rig.

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