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Avid Carp Curvex Carp Rod

Avid Carp Curvex Carp Rod

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Product Description

Avid Carp Curvex Carp Rod is a story about action, feel, and sensation. Using non-lock carbon technologies, we have generated a range of carp rods that will change the way you bring big carp to the net. Featuring lightweight SIC guides, Fuji fittings and a parabolic action thats been tuned to perfection, its time to play fish without fear. Just hold the rod and bend it for a new experience. Nothing feels quite like a Curvex.

Avid Carp Curvex 10ft 3.0lb Carp Rod

The Avid Carp Curvex 10ft 3.0lb Carp Rod is perfect for playing really big carp at close quarters. In the boat, the gradual parabolic power build up makes it ideal for big fish on even the most demanding venues.

12’ 2.75LB CURVEX
Play big carp without fear. Perfect for use with low
stretch lines on demanding venues, boat work and chasing
big carp in extreme circumstances.

12’ 3.25LB CURVEX
An incredible rod with a gradual parabolic power build up
that makes it perfect as a big fish playing tool. Fight hard
against the very biggest carp without fear.

13’ 3.5LB CURVEX
An extreme fish playing tool that’s capable of handling
large leads when casting from the bank. Ideal for all range
fishing, for fast line pick up and parabolic playing action.

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10ft 3.0lb, 12ft 2.75lb, 13ft 3.5lb, 12ft 3.25lb