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Feeder Fishing For Carp

ADAM ROONEY Adam is Guru’s Brand Manager, tasked with developing new products as well as helping to market the company and recruit new Guru consultants. Alongside working for Guru for his day job, he also represents the company through his angling exploits. Adam recently fished for the England B Feeder team, which demonstrates that he…
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End Tackle

Korda’s new Carp Fishing Masterclass is over four hours long and every glorious minute is packed with the most cutting-edge carp-angling tactics and techniques, explained to you in stunning detail by some of the UK’s top anglers. In the Dvd, you’ll find individual Masterclass sections, which include: floater fishing, stalking with a twist, zig fishing,…
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Which carp rods are best?

Carp fishing has become increasingly popular over the past decade and it’s now the most popular form of Angling in the UK. With the Carp growing to specimen proportions and inhabiting most lakes, rivers and canal’s they can be targeted and caught almost anywhere by anyone. Throughout most of the year they are eager to…
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Which bivvy should I buy?

To be able to fish effectively it is essential that you are warm, dry and comfortable when you are on the bank. As with everything in life you generally get what you pay for, cheaper bivvies can last you for years if you are only planning to fish the odd weekend, but if you are…
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